UBC Chronic Pain Needs Assessment Survey

Rock face - YosemiteThe Canadian Institute for Relief of Pain and Disability (CIRPD) is collaborating with partners at the University of British Columbia to promote the Chronic Pain Needs Assessment Survey. They are seeking input from people with chronic or persistent pain. By completing this online survey you can help define the tools and information most urgently needed by people suffering from chronic pain. The survey takes approximately 20-25 minutes to finish. If you have not already participated, we encourage you to do so and help shape the tools and resources available in future.

Over 200 Canadians have already responded. Join the conversation and let researchers, organizations and health professionals know what resources you need for your pain management!

Take the survey and pass the link on to others who suffer from pain as well: http://www.cirpd.org/GetInvolved/PainSurvey/Pages/CIRPDSurvey-org.aspx . Thank you!

More Resources Available on Emergency Preparedness

cover of prepare to help Every organization should be prepared for an emergency but are you? Through our partnership with Volunteer Canada, we have trained 20 trainers from disability organizations and volunteer centres to deliver our community training in emergency planning for people with disabilities.

The training manual we created, Prepare to Survive – Prepare to Help, is full of exercises and resources for community groups who want to play a role in emergency planning and response in their communities.

Now, PowerPoint presentations have been prepared to help trainers use the manual.

Visit our Library/Emergency Preparedness page, and  click on the Community Organizations section at the top of the page. You will see all the Prepare To Survive resources there, including videos.

Survey - Library Services for People with Print Disabilities

The Services to People with Print Disabilities Working Group (SPPD) of the BC Library Road signs on post - Do not enter and Turn leftAssociation and the Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB) are jointly issuing a survey to people with print disabilities through their networks. The goal is to better understand the needs of people with print disabilities in regard to library services in order to begin building better provincial and federal supports.

The survey will be available until December 19, 2011 Please share this survey link widely.

If you have questions or concerns about the survey, please contact Deb Thomas, Co-chair of SPPD, at 604-436-5432, deb.thomas@bpl.bc.ca or Lori Sutej, consultant with CNIB at Lori.Sutej@cnib.ca