Seeking Compensation for Woodlands Survivors

photo of woodlandsBCCPD continues to work closely with the Woodlands survivors in their struggle for justice and compensation. As of the end of 2011, the Province continues to exclude former Woodlands residents who were at the institution before August 1, 1974. These oldest survivors have not been given the opportunity to have their abuse recognized through the settlement agreement that has been signed by the Province. The compensation process for survivors who were at Woodlands after August 1, 1974, is extremely slow: as of October 2011, only 8 claims have been filed, out of the approximately 850 survivors who have come forward.

See more on our ongoing work on Woodlands.

Changes to Community Volunteer Supplement

This article in the August 11/11 Globe and Mail describes the BC’s government’s plan to change the Community Volunteer Supplement for people with disabilities.

This is good news for the almost 8,000 people on the CVS waitlist; however, we’re disappointed that the legislation supporting the CVS program has been repealed and a moratorium introduced on new applications.

We hope the community is invited to participate as the Province develops “a more sustainable model,” for the program.

See the article here:

Part 7 Accident Benefits

BCCPD has been advocating for a long overdue change to Part 7 of the Insurance Motor Vehicle Act. Part 7 Benefits ensure that British Columbians who are injured in automobile accidents receive rehabilitation services and wage benefits to compensate them while they are injured. Part 7 also provides death benefits to families for funeral expenses and lost income.

Part 7’s current rates and provisions are out-of-step with today’s costs and are leaving claimants without the services and financial support they need. In 2007, we prepared a paper: Part 7 Accident Benefits: A Time for Change with recommendations that will help ensure that British Columbians who are injured in automobile accidents and their families can obtain the services and support they need.

Since 2010, BCCPD has coordinated a stakeholder group of community organizations who have come together to convince ICBC of the need for changes to Part 7. ICBC and the groups have had a number of very positive meetings and we are continuing to work with ICBC on this issue.

See our web page on Part 7.