Rolling Dog Ranch

For all our animal lovers, check out the website of Rolling Dog Ranch Animal Sanctuary in Montana. The ranch shelters disabled animals and its residents include blind dogs, horses and cats, deaf dogs, and animals with other neurological and orthopedic disabilities.

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Questions for BC Liberal and NDP Leadership Candidates

Questions for BC Liberal and NDP Leadership Candidates

The BCCPD has sent the following questions to candidates for the
leadership of the BC Liberal Party and the New Democratic Party of BC.
Responses will be posted at the bottom of the page as they are received.


Privacy Rights and Personal Health Records

Your Input for E-Health Website Project

Privacy Rights and Your Personal Health Information

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The BC Freedom of Information and Privacy Association (BCFIPA) is building a simple website to give the public objective, balanced information about privacy rights, electronic health records and the health information system across BC.

Please attend our Stakeholder’s Meeting at the People’s Law School in Vancouver and let us know what information should be included on the website.

Thursday, November 18th, 2010, 7 pm
People’s Law School, Suite 150 – 900 Howe Street, Vancouver
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