Community Update: DABC Publication Update

Dear Community Partner,

We have completed a full update of our Help Sheets and Canada Pension Plan Disability Guides (CPP-D) Guides:

DABC Help Sheets

#2: The Persons with Disabilities (PWD) Benefit Application
#3: Checklist for the PWD Benefit
#4: Monthly Nutritional Supplement (MNS)
#5A: Appealing Denial of the PWD Benefit: The Reconsideration Request
#5B: Appealing Denial of the PWD Benefit: The Appeal Tribunal
#6: Persons with Persistent and Multiple Barriers to Employment (PPMB)
#7: Health Supplements for People with Disabilities
#8: Trusts for People Receiving the PWD Benefit
#9: Employment, Education and Training for People with Disabilities
#10: People with Disabilities on Reserve: The PWD Designation
#11A: Appealing Denial of PPMB: The Reconsideration Request
#11B: Appealing Denial of PPMB: The Appeal Tribunal
#12: Income Assistance Application Process for People with Disabilities
#13: Rate Amounts for PWD and PPMB Benefits
#14: The Disability Tax Credit
#15: The Registered Disability Savings Plan
#16: Guide to Filing Income Taxes for People Receiving PWD/PPMB

The Help Sheets are available on the DABC website. You are welcome to download and copy them.


CPP-D Application Guide
CPP-D Appeals: The Reconsideration Request
CPP-D Benefits Checklist

The CPP-D Guides are available on the DABC website. You are welcome to download and copy them.

If you have a few minutes, we’d really appreciate it if you could help us by completing a 6 question survey about our Help Sheets. Your feedback will help ensure we provide the best service we can and shows our funders how we serve the community. Here’s a link to the survey:

If you have any questions please call Val at 604-875-0188 or contact her by email at

Best regards,

Jane Dyson, Executive Director
Val Stapleton, Membership and Outreach Coordinator

Webinar: CPP-D Applications and Reconsiderations

On Thursday, April 5th, DABC will be hosting a webinar in partnership with Courthouse Libraries.

This webinar will equip participants with the skills and tools to apply for and request reconsideration for Canada Pension Plan Disability (CPP-D) benefits. Topics covered will include eligibility requirements, policies and procedures, special provisions, and relevant forms. It will also cover the CPP-D Terminal Illness Application.

To register, please visit this link:



Disabled Community Connection Network: Monthly info/connection group for people with disabilities


Disabled Community Connection Network (DCCN) is a monthly communication and information group for people of all ages (16+) with any disability. This group is hosted by the North Shore Disability Resource Centre. This group is facilitated by and for people with disabilities.

The next group is March 15, 4:00PM – 6:00PM.  To facilitate accessible transit requirements the meeting will be held at PeerNet BC, #408-602 West Hastings, Vancouver. PeerNetBC is an accessible space, please let us know of any other accessibility requirements you might have in advance of the meeting.

The session will focus on the topic of, “Navigating the world of work as a totally blind individual.” This session will feature Patricia Elgersma, is currently a Project Manager and has worked at HSBC Bank Canada for the past 5 years. She has been totally blind since birth. When she is not working, she plays flute in the Vancouver Community Concert Band. She will be speaking about her experience being part of the workforce as a blind individual.

ASL Interpretation and food is provided! The space is also wheelchair accessible. Please let us know of any accommodations and dietary needs you require. Please email or call 604-904-4088 to register.