Violence Prevention

DABC is working on violence prevention and response with community and government organizations. Some of our main projects and activities to date are:

  • 2012-2015, partnered with the DisAbled Women’s Network Canada, the Canadian Association for Community Living, and SPARC BC on the pan-Canadian project, InFocus: Bringing People with Disabilities into the Picture, which conducted focus groups with people with disabilities and delivered workshops on violence to service providers and people with disabilities.
  • 2015/16, created and delivered training along with a resource booklet for service providers, Right to Be Safe: Creating Inclusive Services for Women with Disabilities Experiencing Violence. This project was funded by the BC Ministry of Justice Civil Forfeiture Proceeds.
  • 2016, we reviewed Ending Violence Association of BC’s Sexual Assault Manual with a disability lens, to ensure that consideration for women with disabilities was incorporated throughout the document.
  • 2017/18, the How I Need to Know Project. In this 18-month project, we are creating a series of videos and help sheets for people with disabilities who are victims of crime. These resources will be available to victim serving organizations and support workers and to people with disabilities. Videos will be in plain language and sign language. This project is funded by the Department of Justice Victim’s Fund.