Access Pro Bono launches Family Mediation Pilot Project

Access Pro Bono (APB) recently launched a Family Mediation Pilot Project, and DABC has received the following information from APB about the project:

We hope to provide suitable candidates with an opportunity to resolve their entire family dispute out of court and without litigation whenever possible.

We offer clients a 30-minute free legal advice appointment to provide pre mediation guidance. This is based on an income qualification (please refer to our website If both parties choose to participate, we will then coordinate a pro bono mediation for up to 3 hours where they can discuss:

  1. parenting time;
  2. spousal and/or child support; and
  3. division of assets (limited)

If the parties reach a mutual understanding, they will receive independent legal advice before signing the agreement.

To determine if they qualify clients are encouraged to call us at 604-482-3195 ext 1526 or email us at

Please visit our website at: for more information and some informational videos.

Download the flyer and pamphlet.