“I would like to thank DABC for helping me with both my PWD reconsideration years ago and more recently for doing my multiple years of income taxes.  If it wasn’t for you helping me with both my PWD and taxes, I would be out on the streets as I would not be able to afford the rent.   Taxes are very stressful and DABC was very calm throughout the process…phenomenal job.  Really appreciated that I was able to do the taxes via the phone during this pandemic.  I cannot thank you enough.”

“We were able to access funding because you guided us through the paperwork and explained the logistics of something unfamiliar to us. Our advocate was efficient, pleasant, responsive and above all, communicative. What more could anyone ask for in an advocate?!”

“I contacted DABC during the Covid lock down/restrictions to find out about getting financial assistance. The advocate that I spoke/corresponded with was very personable and sympathetic to my situation. She responded quite quickly and was thorough with explaining advocacy procedures.”

“The DABC is a resource I rely on for accurate information and help from its qualified staff and volunteers. Over the years I have recommended DABC to numerous friends and acquaintances who have praised the organization for its timely assistance. From navigating disability pension applications, housing issues, taxes, and sourcing available programs many members are unaware of.”