Bill C-20 Receives Royal Assent

We are pleased to hear that Bill C-20 has received Royal Assent. The Bill, in addition to providing support to Canadian workers and businesses, will facilitate the delivery of a one-time payment for people with disabilities who are either holders of a valid Disability Tax Credit (DTC) certificate, receive Canada Pension Plan-Disability Benefits (CPP-D) or Quebec Pension Plan disability benefits, or are in receipt of Veterans Affairs Canada disability supports.

Eligible people with disabilities who do not yet possess the DTC certificate will be able to apply for one up to 60 days after the Royal Assent on July 27th to be considered for the one-time payment.

If you or someone you know requires assistance with the DTC application, contact our Access RDSP program by email at or through the form on our website: Further information about the program and our program partners is also available at that link.

We are unsure when the one-time benefit will be paid out but will provide an update when we receive more information.

For more information, see the Government of Canada’s News Release:

We're hiring a Tax Advocate!

Graphic depicting people standing in a circle, clasping hands. Text reads: "Join Our Team: We're hiring a Tax Advocate!"

Tax AID DABC ( is a program of DABC. The program’s mandate is to help people receiving disability benefits to get caught up on multiple years of unfiled income taxes.

We are seeking a part-time tax advocate to join our team. The successful candidate will conduct client intake for Tax AID DABC, prepare and submit income taxes for clients, and assist with increasing community awareness of the program across BC. The advocate will also work on other aspects of the program’s operations as needed including conducting workshops, assisting with program reports, and participating in team meetings/training.

For more info:

Social Security Tribunal of Canada: New Twitter Accounts

The Social Security Tribunal of Canada now has Twitter accounts, in both English and French!


The Social Security Tribunal of Canada (Tribunal) is an independent administrative tribunal that makes quasi-judicial decisions on appeals related to the Employment Insurance Act, the Canada Pension Plan, and the Old Age Security Act.