Clicklaw: enhancing access to justice

Clicklaw is a website, funded by the Law Foundation of BC, aimed at enhancing access to justice in British Columbia.  It features legal information and education designed for the public from 24 contributor organizations–including BCCPD–as well as selected others. Clicklaw’s mission is to provide equitable access to quality legal information, education and help for British Columbians

Clicklaw is organized by what brought you to the site.

Have a legal problem? You can find practical information about your legal rights and responsibilities, and options to solve legal problems.

Looking for legal help? You can access toll-free phone numbers for someone to talk with for legal information or advice, and later this year, you’ll be able to locate those who can help with legal problems on the Clicklaw HelpMap.

Want to learn about the law? You can access resources that help you learn and teach about the laws that affect British Columbians and how the legal system works.

Interested in law reform? You can access resources that feature reform and research of laws and legal innovations in British Columbia.

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The Clicklaw project, and BCCPD’s involvement, was made possible through funding from The Law Foundation of BC.