Community Partners — Were Your Organizations/Clients Impacted by This Year’s Fires/Floods in BC? We Want to Hear From You!

Was your organization and services impacted by the floods and fires in BC this year?

Were your clients, staff or volunteers with disabilities impacted?

If so, we’d like to hear from you. Your stories will help DABC educate local emergency programs to create more accessible and inclusive emergency response plans.

Disability Alliance BC (DABC) has funding from Emergency Management BC to work with local emergency programs throughout BC in order to increase their local capacity to respond to the needs of community members with disabilities in emergencies and disasters. This builds on more than 10 years of our work on emergency preparedness and people with disabilities.

Examples of areas we are working with local emergency programs on are: communicating with the public during emergencies; mass evacuations; public education on personal preparedness; and Emergency Support Services (ESS) response and accessible facilities and services. We provide training to local government programs and provide them with resources to help them integrate the needs of people with disabilities into their emergency response.

Your organization’s experiences, and those of your clients, will provide invaluable learning opportunities for local emergency programs throughout this province. DABC will keep the names and places anonymous, but real-life stories of how the floods and fires impacted people with disabilities and the organizations that help them, is important to ensuring better response and emergency services in all communities.

Please share your experiences with: Karen Martin, Project Coordinator,