DABC Community Update: Bill C-22 Receives Royal Assent

On June 20th, 2023 Bill C-22 was passed by the Senate! The Bill proposes to create a federal income supplement for low-income, working-age people with disabilities, modelled after the Guaranteed Income Supplement. As of June 22nd, Bill C-22 has now received Royal Assent and becomes law by “written declaration” by the Governor General.

We applaud everyone—from the disability community (individuals and organizations) to those in Government—who tirelessly advocated for the passage of this Bill.

Prior to its passing of the Bill, the Senate had recommended 4 amendments[1], and the Bill was sent back to the House of Commons for re-consideration. The House approved 3 of the 4 amendments. The amendment the House rejected would have protected the Benefit from potential private insurance claw backs; the reason given for the rejection was due to “concerns over provincial jurisdiction over the regulation of the insurance industry.”[2] DABC has concerns over the omission of this amendment and will continue to advocate for a Canada Disability Benefit that safeguards against any clawbacks to a disabled person’s income.

We know that this work isn’t done. There is a 12 month deadline to develop the new Act’s regulations. DABC looks forward to working collaboratively to help develop these regulations over the next months. We will continue to provide updates through social media, email and our newsletter when possible. 

[1] https://archdisabilitylaw.ca/tell-the-senate-to-pass-a-stronger-bill-c-22/

[2] https://www.ctvnews.ca/politics/canada-disability-benefit-bill-passes-parliament-1.6448999