DABC congratulates appointed Ministers, addresses pressing issues

On December 8, DABC sent out congratulatory letters to Ministers Nicholas Simons (Social Development and Poverty Reduction) and Adrian Dix (Minister of Health) upon their appointments to the recently formed Cabinet of the BC Legislature.

While great progress has been made by the BC Government over the past few months in responding to issues affecting people with disabilities arising out of the Covid 19 pandemic, DABC recognizes that there is more to be done both now and in future to ensure that our BC Government leaves no one behind. In these letters, we have outlined what we believe are the current, pressing issues that require addressing in order effect positive and lasting policy change.

Letter to Minister Dix: https://disabilityalliancebc.therightfitbc.org/minister-dix-letter-of-congratulations-from-dabc/

Letter to Minister Simons: https://disabilityalliancebc.therightfitbc.org/minister-simons-letter-of-congratulations-from-dabc/