DABC is Clicklaw’s Organization of the Month

DABC is Clicklaw’s Organization of the Month!

To learn more about DABC’s work and read an interview with DABC advocate Lillian Wong, please visit the Clicklaw blog: http://blog.clicklaw.bc.ca/2016/11/09/organization-of-the-month-november-2016/

The article highlights DABC’s new partnership with PLAN Institute and the BC Aboriginal Network on Disability (BCANDS). Through this partnership, we can help people who are eligible for the Registered Disability Savings PLAN (RDSP) to apply for the Disability Tax Credit (DTC) – which you need for the RDSP. Plan Institute can help clients to open an RDSP, and BCANDS can help Indigenous British Columbians with the DTC and RDSP.

Thank you to Clicklaw and the Courthouse Libraries for recognizing DABC’s work benefitting British Columbians with disabilities.