DABC Receives Funding from Emergency Management BC to Ensure a Functional Needs Framework for Every Community

Community Update
April 2016

DABC is thrilled to announce funding from Emergency Management BC (EMBC) to work with local authorities over the next two years in order to meet the emergency preparedness goal of the provincial government’s Accessibility 2024 initiative. The government of British Columbia has made a commitment to becoming the most inclusive province in Canada for people with disabilities by 2024. Emergency Preparedness is one of Accessibility 2024’s twelve building blocks. The Province’s laudable goal is for every BC community to have accommodated the needs of persons with disabilities in its emergency planning by 2024. The Province will measure the success of this goal by the number of community emergency response plans that comply with a Functional Needs Framework (FNF).

DABC is a leader in emergency preparedness and people with disabilities and is excited to be working with local authorities in different regions of BC to increase local level capacity to respond to the needs of community members with disabilities in emergencies and disasters.

DABC will work with local authorities to:

  • Review local community response plans
  • Provide recommendations to local authorities on how to integrate the Functional Needs Framework and identify people’s needs during an emergency
  • Provide training to local authorities that supports the Emergency Preparedness building block of Accessibility 2024

For more information, contact Karen Martin, karen@disabilityalliancebc.therightfitbc.org