DABC’s Response to BC Budget 2020

On reviewing Budget 2020, Disability Alliance BC is pleased to see the increase to the earnings exemptions for people on provincial income assistance (to $6000 per year) and disability assistance (to $15,000 per year) for those who are able to work; however, only a small percentage (4%) of disability assistance recipients were able to utilize the full earnings exemption prior to this increase. We are disappointed at the lack of increases to actual income assistance and disability assistance rates, which are urgently needed to adequately support those who are unable to work. While rate increases in October 2017 and Budget 2019 were a move in the right direction, income and disability assistance remain well below the poverty line. We continue to call for the government to increase disability assistance to $1500/ per month, indexed to inflation.

We had also hoped to see other specific investments to make our province more inclusive for people with disabilities, such as specific funding for accessible housing and a program to address affordability of medical equipment and supplies. We look forward to continuing to advocate for these and other necessary investments.

For more information on Budget 2020: https://www.bcbudget.gov.bc.ca/2020/downloads.htm