Apply for Disability Benefits

Since 1989, DABC’s Advocacy Access Program has been a place of support, information and one-to-one assistance for people with all disabilities.

Each year, our advocates assist hundreds of people in-house to apply for and appeal the denial of provincial and federal (Canada Pension Plan) disability benefits. We help hundreds more over the phone and by email. We also help other organizations across BC to assist people with disabilities through our workshops and publications.

Please see the links at the right to learn how we can help with provincial and federal disability benefits.

An Appointment is Needed to See An Advocate

There is a big demand for one-to-one assistance from our advocates, so please call Advocacy Access to book your appointment.  Thank you.

604-872-1278 in the Lower Mainland | Toll Free: 1-800-663-1278

Download our Advocacy Access brochure.

Interpretation Services

If you are a client receiving assistance with PWD or CPPD benefits and require interpretation assistance in any language other than English, or require ASL interpretation during your appointment, please let us know and we will arrange that for you.

Disability Benefits Wayfinder

Want to learn more about PWD, PPMB AND CPP-D? Prosper Canada, alongside DABC, Plan Institute, and the Social Research and Demonstration Corporation, has developed a Disability Benefits Wayfinder tool to help you navigate principal disability benefits. Click on the tool below for more information on these benefits and how to get started.

Disability benefits wayfinder site