Disability Rights Promotion International Forum Held

photo of Vancouver DRPI monitorsThe Disability Rights Promotion International is human rights research project conducted by people with disabilities. Locally, BCCPD human rights monitors interviewed 48 people about their disability experiences in the Lower Mainland and in the Penticton area.  Globally, other sections of the DRPI project monitor systemic human rights abuses.

In October 2011, BCCPD and DRPI held a forum to present the survey findings to the community. We were fortunate to have as our guest speakers: Susan O’Donnell Executive Director of the BC Human Rights Coalition, Normand Boucher of DRPI-Canada/Laval University, Jewelles Smith, DRPI monitor and Laura Mackenrot, DRPI interviewee. Normand presented the research findings and forum participants were invited to comment on the findings and respond to questions designed by BCCPD and DRPI. The forum participants’ responses will be incorporated into the report’s final recommendations.

See more about DRPI here.