Fill Your Prescription at No Frills, Help Raise Funds for BCCPD

What is this program and how will it benefit you?

– Raise funds for people with disabilities by supporting the BC Coalition of People with Disabilities (BCCPD). Prescriptions filled at No Frills Pharmacy, located at 310 West Broadway in Vancouver, will help raise funds for the BCCPD.

– After fill you a prescription with No Frills Pharmacy, receive 20% off all No Frills name brand non-prescription medications after you register with your stamped Loblaw Card at No Frills Pharmacy.

– No Frills will contact your old pharmacy and transfer over your client info Free home delivery of No Frills Pharmacy prescriptions to anywhere in the Lower Mainland.

– If you have to pay for part of your No Frills prescription, receive a discount voucher for No Frills groceries.

How to Participate:

Register in-person with Nicole at the BCCPD office, #204- 456 West Broadway in Vancouver. Complete a short form and receive a stamped card. Take the card with you to No Frills Pharmacy at 310 West Broadway and present this when you are filling out your prescription. (You must fill a prescription first, in order to receive the benefits listed above).

*Note: this program is only available at No Frills Pharmacy’s West Broadway location. This program is not applicable to the grocery section of the No Frills store.

For more information, call Nicole at: 604-875-0188.