Free Tax Clinics- Register Now

A trained tax prep volunteer from ACORN Canada can help complete your taxes for free. If you are receiving PWD, help ensure your taxes are filed on time and correctly. Please note: ACORN is not a professional accounting service.

Free Tax Clinic with a tax prep volunteer from ACORN Canada.
By appointment, only. Call 604-872-1278 to register. *Appointments are 30 minutes long.

BC Coalition of People with Disabilities, #204- 456 West Broadway in Vancouver

In February: Feb. 18, 2013; Feb. 25, 2013
In March: Mar. 4, 2013; Mar. 11, 2013; Mar. 18, 2013; Mar. 25, 2013
In April: April 8, 2013; April 15, 2013; April 22, 2013

To register: Call 604-872-1278, BC Coalition of People with Disabilities or visit Advocacy Access reception at #204- 456 West Broadway in Vancouver.

*Suggested eligibility: Individuals receiving PWD; Individuals earning up to $25,000; Couples earning up to $35,000

Please note:
– ACORN’s tax assistance can be directly accessed at: 101- 630 Columbia St. in New West.
– ACORN does taxes under the auspices of the CRA and their tax prep volunteer program, our ACORN volunteer at the BCCPD office is not providing professional accounting services.
– Volunteers do not prepare returns for complex situations such as: Returns for deceased persons; individuals who file for bankruptcy; self-employed individuals; individuals who report capital gains or losses; individuals who report employment expenses, business or rental income & expenses

BCCPD thanks ACORN for all of their help and support!