I’d Rather Go Naked Than Not Wear My Bus Pass

BCCPD received a request for participants in a new photography project:

I am looking for 1 –2 models to pose nude for a photography project. This is a riff on the ‘I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur’ PETA advertisements. This project aims to reduce the stigma associated with living with a disability. The models must be on disability assistance or living with a serious disability of any sort. These will be casual sitting or standing poses and you will be photographed wearing just your disability bus pass. In respecting your privacy, the name/ year of birth on the pass can be altered. If you do not have one, it will be provided.

I will need to meet with you first to discuss the project and again for the photo shoot. The pictures will be taken outside at a chosen quiet bus stop at about 6:30 am on a Sunday in April/May. The models will be shot on separate days. I will need only 20 minutes with each model where we will shoot prearranged poses. The model will be unclothed for only 15 seconds at a time. This cycle of being unclothed, then clothed, will happen about five times to get different shots. If you do not have a long coat to wear in between shots, one can be provided.

I currently have 2 models and I am seeking a couple more. These photographs will be enlarged to 6’ x 3’ and shown at various disability-related art exhibitions. A small honorarium will be provided. I have received funding for this project from the DTES Small Arts Grant.

I am directing this shoot. Photography is provided by gracephotography.ca

Please contact Tina at rathernaked@gmail.com if you are interested in being part of this project or if you have any questions!