Join our Focus Group for our updated Disability Tax Credit Tool

Graphic of three people with dark blue hair, all dressed in yellow and light blue. Two are holding pink “thumbs up” emojis and the third person is shrugging. Speech bubbles above in shades of blue say “We want your feedback.”The Disability Tax Credit (DTC) is an important benefit that reduces taxes and provides access to important tax related benefits like the Child Disability Benefit, Canada Worker’s Benefit Disability Supplement, and financial programs like the Registered Disability Savings Plan, Canada Dental Care Plan (June 2024), and Canada Disability Benefit (2025).  

Disability Alliance BC is updating our Disability Tax Credit tool to make the application process easier for everyone, and we would like to hear from you!  Join our focus group to test out our new updated DTC tool and give us feedback on how to make the tool useful and accessible to you.

Honoraria provided in the form of gift cards.

Email to find out more information and express your interest in joining.