Letter to Minister Dix re: COVID-19 Triage Protocol

Today DABC sent a letter to British Columbia’s Minister of Health, the Honourable Adrian Dix, seeking information about “triaging guidelines” that we understand are being developed by the government. These are guidelines for how healthcare providers may allocate life-saving resources, such as ventilators, if the healthcare system is overwhelmed and there is a shortage of those resources. DABC is concerned the guidelines may mean some people with disabilities will not get the same healthcare treatment that others receive. In our letter to Minister Dix, we recommend that the government must consult with human rights experts and vulnerable communities in creating the guidelines. We also urge the government to ensure that decisions about who gets life-saving care will not be based on stereotypes, bias, or ableism, and that the guidelines do not result in people with disabilities being excluded from life-saving care.

DABC’s letter to Minister Dix can be seen here.