Letter Writing Campaign for Essential Support Persons for People with Disabilities in Hospitals

People with disabilities and their families, communities and support organizations are writing letters to government to ensure that we can have an essential support person(s) with us in health care settings like hospitals, doctors’ offices or other medical places.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, support person(s) may not be allowed into health care settings. This is a problem for people with disabilities, as many of us require the help of a support person(s). Support people can help us feel calmer, help us stay safe, and help us communicate our needs, decisions and experiences.

We want policies that help to make sure that patients with disabilities have the support they need. This will mean people with disabilities get the same quality of health care as other people.

Click here to join in: https://www.include-me.ca/covid-19/action/essential-support-persons-people-disabilities-medical-settings