Library Services for People with a Print Disability Survey

The Library Services for People with a Print Disability Survey executivePages of a book summary is now available at the BC Library Association (BCLA) website.

The BCLA’s Services to People with Print Disabilities Working Group (SPPD) and the Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB) jointly conducted this online survey of people with print disabilities. In November/December 2011 the survey was completed by 101 people across BC.

Excerpts from the report:
“The majority of respondents were over 40, with half being in the 41 to 64 year old age bracket. The respondents primarily identified as visually disabled or blind.”

Ninety-four percent of survey respondents preferred to borrow rather than purchase reading material. “Cost was the main reason for a vast majority of the respondents, as many were on fixed incomes due to disability. Other reasons include the fact that books are usually only read once and there was no need to keep them, space concerns and that the library was a convenient place to borrow materials.”

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