Mobi Bike Share: Persons with Disabilities Pass

Mobi Bike Share introduced its Community Pass program in 2018, in order to make bike share more accessible and affordable.

People with disabilities who are eligible can sign up for the Persons with Disabilities (PWD pass). This pass is available to Persons with Disabilities who may use e-bikes for more convenient, accessible transportation around the city.


You may qualify for this pass if you are 19 years or older, and have any of the following:

  • Proof of disability assistance from the last
    12 months
  • A tax return stating PWD assistance
  • A doctor’s note stating long term disability
    *The Red Compass Card does not qualify for this pass, as we can’t confirm PWD status through this method.

The PWD classic & ebike pass offers:

  • unlimited 60-minute rides on Classic Bikes. Rides longer than 60 minutes incur overage fees of $0.25/minute. 
  • $0 to unlock + $0.00/minute for the first 60 minutes on Ebikes. Once you exceed 60 minutes in a single ride, the rate changes to $0.35/minute.

Learn more on the Mobi website:

Download the brochure: