MOH statement on applying for medical exemption to BC Vaccine Card

The Ministry of Health has stated the following in response to DABC’s question on how individuals who cannot get the COVID-19 vaccine due to certain medical conditions can then apply for a medical exemption to the BC Vaccine Card:

“We recognize that some individuals may not be able to receive the COVID-19 vaccine due to a serious allergic reaction, and will not be able to provide a proof of COVID-19 immunization. Regarding your question, a request for reconsideration of this Order on the basis of a medical contraindication made by a person to whom the Order applies must include a signed and dated statement from a medical practitioner, based upon a current assessment, that the health of the person would be seriously jeopardized if the person were to receive a first or second dose of vaccine, and a signed and dated copy of each portion of the person’s health record relevant to this statement. A request under section 43 may be submitted to the Provincial Health Officer at with the subject line “Request for Reconsideration about Proof of Vaccination.””