Money-saving resources and tips

dollar signThe BCCPD recently facilitated a Money Skills workshop developed by Family Services of Greater Vancouver.

Workshop participants shared many great resources and money-saving tips:

  • Clothes on Wheels: Free clothing –
  • Free Geek: Volunteer for 24 hours to get a free computer – – 1820 Pandora Street, Van. 604-879-4335
  • UBC Dental School: Cheap and/or free dental work-
  •– Internet for as little as 24.95
  • Magazine & Comic Book Emporium (Broadway/Granville) – Cheap magazines (new: 50 cents)
  • Dollarama: $1 store ($1 Shoe laces, $2 organic soup, pickled beets, Kalamata olives, hats gloves with double layers ($1.25)
  • majicJack: Make long distance phone calls cheaply –
  • Volunteer at thrift stores for 24hrs of service and receive a 40% discount
  • Volunteer at discount food outlets (Quest) and receive free food
  • FREE! – Free stuff in your area –
  • Check out the ‘FREE’ column on Craigslist
  • The Bay has a food floor on the lower level and it usually has discount dairy and perishables
  • Green tea leftovers can be used for acne treatment

Many thanks to all our workshop participants and Family Services of Greater Vancouver.