MSD Broadens Eligibility Criteria for Foot Orthotics and Orthopedic Footwear

Good news for people who are eligible for health benefits from the Ministry of Social Development. Effective August 2, 2011, MSD has changed the health supplement regulations to provide a wider range of foot orthotics and specialized footwear (it should be noted that back in April 2010 MSD had imposed a number of restrictions pertaining to medical equipment and devices).

  • If you have a doctor’s prescription stating that you medically require foot orthotics, MSD will now pay for off-the-shelf foot orthotics in addition to custom-made foot orthotics
  • It will no longer be necessary to confirm that you are facing a foot amputation in order to qualify for foot orthotics
  • The cost limit for custom-made foot orthotics has been increased from $375 to $450
  • The replacement period for a pair of custom-made foot orthotics has been decreased from once every 4 years to once every 3 years
  • MSD will now pay for off-the-shelf orthopedic footwear – with a cost limit of $250 and a one year replacement period
  • If you need off-the-shelf footwear to accommodate a custom-made foot orthotic, MSD will now pay up to $125 with a one year replacement period

If you are someone or know someone, with MSD health benefit coverage, who requires any of the above items – or have been denied any of these items during the past year – contact a MSD office by phone or in-person as soon as possible.

Advocates at BCCPD can also advise you of health benefits available through MSD.

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