New feature coming to BCCPD’s magazine and e-newsletter

BCCPD is introducing a new column called “Everyday Resilience” in Transition magazineSeedling growing in a crack and a “Resilience Tip” in each issue of Our Voice, our monthly e-newsletter. Shelley Hourston, author of both columns, describes them below.
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In describing “Everyday Resilience,” Shelley says: We’ve all met resilient people—those who seem able to live through difficulties and challenges like illness, disability or loss of jobs, homes or loved ones. Often we assume that resilient people are extraordinary in some way—otherwise how could they be so resilient? I’ve made a hobby of studying resilience. I’m not sure why. I’ve not lived an especially difficult or challenging life but I have long been fascinated by the creative ways people adapt and live through tough times. This is what I’ve learned: 1) no one gets to the end of life without experiencing tough times and 2) everyone lives life one day at a time. The good news is that “everyday resilience” is all around us. If you’re reading these words, you have experienced resilience and you have played a role in someone else’s resilience. Like life, resilience happens one day at a time.

Research in the field of positive psychology offers insight and ideas for nurturing everyday resilience. Another ancient technique for building resilience is simply sharing stories about overcoming hard times. “Everyday resilience” is a new column which will appear regularly in Transition and shorter tips for building resilience will be published in BCCPD’s monthly e-newsletter, Our Voice. If you’re willing to share your story or resilience tip or if you have an idea for a story, please contact Shelley at or 604-875-0188 (toll-free 1-877-232-7400).