New Guide Animal Act Proposed

photo of guide dogIn July 2010, a working group formed by BCCPD submitted a draft Guide and Assistance Dog Act (GADA) to the Honourable Michael de Jong, BC’s then-Attorney General, requesting a meeting.

Our working group continues to work hard on this initiative and are hopeful we will meet with Attorney General Shirley bond to discuss our proposals.

For years, BCCPD and other disability organizations have been gathering information on the shortcomings of the current Guide Animal Act and preparing a workable alternative. As the working group says in its Briefing Note on the Act to the Minister:

“Our organizations and clients have experienced the impact of the inadequacy of [the current Act] for years. Guide dog and assistance dog users badly need new legislation to help ensure they are never turned away from a restaurant, mall, refused entry by taxi drivers, or challenged by Strata Councils. Certified dog trainers, instructors and licensed puppy raisers also need their right of access clearly enshrined in legislation.”

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