New Workbook: Going to the CPP Disability Review Tribunal

The BCCPD is very excited to present our new self-help Workbook, Going to the CPP Disability Review Tribunal. You can view the Workbook at the BCCPD website, on our Money and Income Supports page. The Workbook has been designed to help people whose Canada Pension Plan disability benefits application and Reconsideration Request have been denied, and are contemplating the next level of appeal–the Review Tribunal. Watch this short video overview of the Workbook.

If you would like us to mail you hard copies of the Workbook, please email Valerie Stapleton at or phone her at 604-875-0188 or 1-800-663-1278. Chinese and Punjabi translations will also be available soon.

Funded by The Law Foundation of Ontario, Access to Justice Fund. Thank you to the Law Foundation for their support.