1.    What are capital costs?

Capital costs are not an eligible expense for this Call For Proposals (CFP). For the purposes of this CFP, capital costs include but are not limited to costs to purchase, repair, or renovate land, buildings, vehicles, or fixtures on a property.


2.    Can funding be used to purchase assistive devices or other assistive technology?

Successful proposals will clearly outline the specific services and supports that will be delivered and how they will achieve the objectives outlined in the CFP. Any expenses, including those to purchase assistive devices or technology must be essential in order to achieve the project’s objectives. For example, a project that teaches computer literacy skills may include the purchase of assistive software if it is demonstrably necessary to achieve the project’s objectives.


3.    What organizations are eligible?

Eligible organizations must be BC-based not-for-profit organizations that operate primarily for community benefit and whose services are open to the public.  National or international organizations may be eligible, but only if they have a base of operations in BC and sufficient capacity to deliver services in BC. Governmental organizations, including municipalities, are ineligible for funding.