Province issues Woodlands compensation information bulletin

To clarify the Woodlands compensation process, the provincial government has issued the following information bulletin:

                                     Are you a former resident of Woodlands?

If you were a resident of Woodlands, also known as Woodlands Institution and Woodlands School, in New Westminster, B.C., you may be eligible for a payment from the provincial government.

This payment will not impact any benefits you may receive or income for tax purposes.

The process to determine eligibility is very simple, and you will not be asked to talk about your experience at Woodlands.

You will be asked to provide the following information:
o Full name;
o Date of birth;
o Address; and
o The name and address of your legal guardian if you have one.

To determine if you are eligible, you or your guardian or caregiver can call toll free 1 888 523-7192 or

People who resided at Woodlands prior to August 1, 1974 will receive $10,000 in an ex-gratia payment. In addition, people who resided in Woodlands after August 1, 1974 will receive up to a maximum of $10,000.

This payment is separate from the previous Woodlands class action. If you received a payment under that class action, you may still be eligible up to a combined maximum of $10,000. Payments can only be made to former residents who are still living and will not be made to a deceased resident’s estate.

For information on the March announcement, please visit:

To download the bulletin, please click here.