Right to Dispute Dental Denials

Pacific Blue Cross administers the Ministry’s dental program.  If you are on welfare and have dental coverage through the Ministry (see note below), your dentist applies to Pacific Blue Cross for payment for any dental work you need done.

If Pacific Blue Cross denies coverage for dental work you need, you have the right to apply to the Ministry for reconsideration of that decision.  You also have the right to appeal it to the Employment and Assistance Appeal Tribunal.

Ask your dentist to inform you right away if Pacific Blue Cross has denied a dental service and contact an advocate for assistance.

You can find an advocate through PovNet’s web site:


Here is a link to the Pacific Blue Cross website:


Note: How much dental coverage you have varies with the kind of welfare benefits you receive.  People on PWD and PPMB benefits have access to more dental coverage than adults on income assistance.   For more information, see the LSS publication “Welfare Benefits” at pages 49 to 52.