Share your experience of sudden loss of physical health after age 60

Visions: BC’s MeWooden bridgental Health and Addictions Journal is seeking a personal experience story from an older adult (60+) OR family member of one!

An upcoming issue of Visions magazine is focusing on Mind-Body and the interconnections between mental and physical health.

Visions’ editor is looking for an older adult (60+)—or family member of an older adult—who is willing to share their story of the mental health impact of a sudden loss of physical health and functioning—maybe from accident, injury, an event related to aging, or a chronic condition that developed only in later-life. They’d like to hear your story of dealing with the loss of functioning (maybe short-term, maybe long-term) and how it affected mental well-being and how that in turn impacts physical recovery. And how you have moved forward to improve overall well-being—or supported a loved one during this difficult transition. Contributors need to be living in BC, and a family member could be any age, and any relationship (partner, sibling, child, close friend!)

Articles are written in plain language with an informal tone. According to the editor, “You don’t have to be a ‘writer.’ If you can write an email or a letter, you can write for Visions!” Articles are only a page and half long and you will have 3 weeks to write it. If you’re thinking of writing an article, you must contact the editor before you begin writing.


The contributor of an approved article would get a $75 honorarium and at least 3 free copies when the issue publishes in October.

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