Survey: Library Services for People with Disabilities

LibraryThe BC Coalition of People with Disabilities is a community partner on a new project led by the BC Library Association (BCLA).  The project will create a training toolkit for library staff providing services to people with disabilities/chronic health conditions. We are asking for input from individuals and representatives from disability/chronic illness organizations across the province.

Public libraries provide a vital link to resources and opportunities for skill development, community engagement, recreation and life-long learning. Library staff are committed to the public library tradition of free and equal access for all members of our communities. A recent survey of library staff in BC revealed an interest in increasing their knowledge of disabilities and chronic illness in order to ensure optimum service. We’re inviting people living with disabilities/chronic illness and service providers working with people with disabilities/chronic illness to complete a short survey.  We’d like to hear how disability/chronic illness affects access to public libraries. We’re interested in both the visible and invisible issues that may prevent a visit to the library or limit successful access to desired information once at the library. Survey participants will be entered in a draw for a $20 gift card.

Access the survey at: