A Cup Half Full

Have you ever wondered about the people who seem to be naturally successful in life? They appear confident and competent and once they set a direction or a goal, they sail along with apparent ease until they “arrive” at success. When I was much younger I believed that life could be that simple. As I was growing up I believed the prevailing myth that life was “fair” and that success was earned by “playing by the rules” and hard work. I soon discovered that life was not always fair and hard work was not always enough to achieve my goals.

Read the rest of “A Cup Half Full” by BCCPD’s Shelley Hourston in The Positive Side (pages 4-5), the Positive Women’s Network’s quarterly magazine. Link: http://pwn.bc.ca/wp-content/uploads/2008/05/2012-AprMayJun-for-web.pdf

UBC Chronic Pain Needs Assessment Survey

Rock face - YosemiteThe Canadian Institute for Relief of Pain and Disability (CIRPD) is collaborating with partners at the University of British Columbia to promote the Chronic Pain Needs Assessment Survey. They are seeking input from people with chronic or persistent pain. By completing this online survey you can help define the tools and information most urgently needed by people suffering from chronic pain. The survey takes approximately 20-25 minutes to finish. If you have not already participated, we encourage you to do so and help shape the tools and resources available in future.

Over 200 Canadians have already responded. Join the conversation and let researchers, organizations and health professionals know what resources you need for your pain management!

Take the survey and pass the link on to others who suffer from pain as well: http://www.cirpd.org/GetInvolved/PainSurvey/Pages/CIRPDSurvey-org.aspx . Thank you!