Op-ED: "Why the Disability Earnings Cap is Holding People Back."

DABC is advocating for the abolition of the Annual earning exemption limit for PWD recipients. Read our op-ed, published today by The Tyee, here: https://thetyee.ca/Opinion/2024/07/04/Disability-Earnings-Cap-Holding-People-Back/.

From the op-ed:

“As an employer, I feel disgusted by the fact that I am complicit in working within the constraints of an ableist system. It’s a system that forces disabled employees to make choices about their work based on how much a person on disability assistance is allowed to earn as employment income before they are rendered ineligible for PWD income — income that is a lifeline as much as it is constraining, and not enough.”

DABC and others ask Ministry to remove earnings restrictions

Did you know disabled workers can only earn $16,200 a year before they lose access to their disability benefits? And when they lose access to their disability benefits it sometimes can mean they lose access to other entitlements such as housing.

Living Wage Employers who want to do the right thing face a difficult dilemma – do they pay their disabled staff less by offering them fewer hours than their non-disabled peers or do they let their staff lose access to the support they’re entitled to?

We’ve partnered with Living Wage for Families BC and BC Poverty Reduction Coalition on an open letter to Minister of Social Development and Poverty Reduction Sheila Malcolmson, to ask her to use the upcoming review of the Poverty Reduction Strategy to remove these restrictions and allow disabled workers to earn a Living Wage. 50 other employers have also signed the letter.

Read the letter and share: https://www.livingwageforfamilies.ca/openletter

Press release: https://tinyurl.com/3kykdkpz

Community Update: DABC Help Sheets Have Been Translated into Four Languages

In order to make our publications and resources available to more people, Disability Alliance BC has recently had many of our Help Sheets translated into four additional languages (Arabic, Persian, Punjabi and Spanish). Translation services are being carried out by MOSAIC, who is also our partner on our Accessibility for Newcomers project within our Advocacy Access program. Under this project, immigrants and refugees with disabilities have greater access in connecting with advocates for disability support services.

Translation of our Help Sheets would not have been possible without generous funding provided by the Law Foundation of BC. The Law Foundation is also the Advocacy Access program’s primary funder. In addition to financial support to run the program, the Law Foundation is also covering the costs of on-demand, live translation and interpretation services for client appointments with our advocates.

Our BC Disability Benefits Help Sheets are our most popular downloads. These self-help guides explain various benefits and programs, and how to apply for them.

These translations and English versions of the Help Sheets are located at the following link: https://disabilityalliancebc.org/publications/publications-bc-disability-benefits-help-sheets/.

MOSAIC is in the process of translating the remainder of our Help Sheets and our Canada Pension Plan-Disability (CPP-D) Guides into the four languages listed above. Once those translations have been finalized and uploaded, we will send out an additional Community Update and post an announcement on our blog and social media.

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