Apply for the Disability Tax Credit online!

Looking to get the Disability Tax Credit?

You can now apply fully online! If you have access to your CRA MyAccount, you can log in and fill out Part A of the T2201 form before having your doctor or nurse practitioner fill out Part B.

You can learn more about the process here:

DTC Fee Stories

Last October, Access RDSP did a call out for stories about the barriers people with disabilities face when applying for the Disability Tax Credit (DTC). We asked to hear from you about fees charged by medical practitioners or application fees or requests for a percentage of your return by a for-profit company. This year, in honour of RDSP Awareness Month, we would like to share these and help raise awareness of these barriers. 

The following are some of the stories we received from clients: 

“I recently renewed [my DTC] and my doctor charged me $40 to fill out her part of the form…which was basically what she had said the first time.” 

“I had to pay 15% to [a for-profit company] five years ago. On my renewal this past year, I had to pay $80 to my doctor for DTC. Very unfair against persons with disabilities!” 

“I was charged $75 by my GP to do the form, and the accountant also charged fees that meant nearly all of the benefit was absorbed. I know that in future tax years I will have that DTC in place, but it was distressing to have hundreds of dollars absorbed by the admin.” 

With stories like these, we can see how important it is to break down these barriers that contribute poverty and hardship to people with disabilities. At DABC, we continue to advocate for the removal of these barriers and urge people to help us raise awareness of these injustices. If you or anyone you know has had to pay fees to access the DTC, send us an email at

Access RDSP to receive continued funding

Thanks to funding from the provincial government, which will be administered by The Vancouver Foundation, Access RDSP will continue to support people with disabilities in accessing the Disability Tax Credit and Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP).

Access RDSP is a partnership between the BC Aboriginal Network on Disability Society (BCANDS), Disability Alliance BC and Plan Institute.

Visit for more information on the program.

We are very happy and grateful to be able to continue this work!

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