Late Tax Filing

Haven’t filed your taxes yet? Tax season is now over and the filing deadline has passed,  but if you are filing your taxes late and do not expect to owe any taxes, you will not incur late filing penalties. 

Need help? Contact Tax AID DABC:

Attend a Turbo Tax Self-Filing Session!

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Want to learn how to file your taxes? Register for one of our TurboTax self-filing sessions today and file with support from one of our experienced tax preparers!

Session 1 – April 19th 4:30 pm:

Session 2 – April 26th 11:30 am:

Tax consultations and on-site services at City Centre Library (Surrey)

Poster for income tax services

Tax AID DABC is holding income tax consultations and on-site services at the City Centre Library in Surrey every Tuesday from Feb 25th – April 28th.

To register, please email or call 236-477-1717.

Disability Tax Credit (DTC) services are also available Feb 25, March 10, March 24, April 7 and April 21. To register for DTC assistance, please call 604-872-1278 or email