Thinking about starting monthly donations to DABC? Now's the time!

As we near the end of March, now is the best time to start a new monthly donation to DABC via — as we will receive an extra $20 from the site for each new monthly donor who signs up by March 31.

Click the link here to set up your monthly donation today:

Being a monthly DABC donor is a special kind of support that grows over time— remember to choose a recurring gift size that you can see yourself feeling good to sustain long-term. As inspiration, here is a quote from donor Johanna Bleecker:

“I briefly worked for Disability Alliance BC in 2020. During that time, I had the opportunity to see firsthand how impactful the programs are and how dedicated the staff are to their clients and the organization’s mission. DABC helps people with disabilities navigate an extremely difficult system, while working to change that system for the better. 

As a queer person, I was extra impressed by the fact that while I was working there, DABC held a comprehensive staff training on working with transgender clients. I signed up as a monthly donor as soon as I stopped working at DABC, and I’ve been donating ever since. 

I have worked and volunteered with nonprofits for many years and monthly donations, no matter the amount, make a huge difference in the ability of nonprofits to plan ahead and have stability in their work. It’s exciting to get my year-end tax receipt and see how much my monthly donations have added up to, especially since the monthly donations are so easy to factor into my budget that I don’t even notice when they’re going out. 

As someone with an invisible illness and who has many friends and family members with disabilities, I dream of a world where everyone could easily access the care and support that they need when they need it. DABC helps us work with the world we’ve got, and they do it with so much care and compassion. I’m proud to be a monthly donor, and I hope I will inspire others to sign up as monthly donors as well.”