Late Tax Filing

Haven’t filed your taxes yet? Tax season is now over and the filing deadline has passed,  but if you are filing your taxes late and do not expect to owe any taxes, you will not incur late filing penalties. 

Need help? Contact Tax AID DABC:

New online booking tool for simple tax appointments

Our online booking appointments have been filling up! Don’t worry, you can still call us. But we have new spots available for simple taxes. If you are on PWD and/or CPP-D with 1 or 2 tax slips, check out Tax AID Program’s new online booking tool for simple taxes! Visit our website to book an appointment now:

If you’re concerned about filing after the April 30th deadline, don’t worry! Your PWD and CPP-D will not be impacted right away.

DABC Income Tax Drop-off Service

Graphic of an orange and white megaphone, the Tax AID DABC logo, and text that reads "DABC Tax Drop-off Service."

Have all of your tax slips ready? If you are a person with a disability living in Vancouver and your tax situation is simple, you can now drop off your tax information to our advocates for faster support.

Bring your ID and tax slips to our office and pick up your package once your taxes have been completed.

DABC’s office is located at 1450-605 Robson Street, Vancouver.