The BC Food Security Gateway

The BC Food Security Gateway (the Gateway) is an online resource that provides BC communities with up-to-date food security information.

The Gateway is meant to inform and link you to projects, initiatives, and organizations in British Columbia as well as publications, tools, guides, and news – so that you, too, can contribute to building food security in BC.

The Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA) manages the Gateway in partnership with the Public Health Association of BC (PHABC).

Check out their website, which also has an interactive map of BC that you can explore to find out about food security networks and food policy councils in your community.



Community Kitchens Best Practices Toolkit

This guide was designed to assist community groups to start a community kitchen. It includes a sample kitchen policy, basic kitchen supplies, food safety guidelines, among other useful tools and support materials



Bulk Buying Best Practices Tool Kit


This toolkit is designed to assist community groups who want to start a bulk buying club in their community.

What is a Bulk Buying Club?

A bulk buying club is a group of people with similar food preferences who come together to buy food in bulk. All participants of a bulk buying club are involved in the planning, shopping, sorting, and delivering of food. These clubs enable individuals to work with a group of like-minded people to get more with their food dollars.

All Bulk Buying Clubs have the same underlying purpose: to provide nutritious food at a lower cost for a group of people.