Take Part in “Personal Planning Month”

photo of two womenOn September 1st 2011, new Personal Planning legislation was proclaimed in BC. Congratulations to everyone at Nidus for all their hard work on making this happen. Nidus has pioneered the most inclusive tools for personal planning anywhere in the world.

The Nidus Personal Planning Resource Centre and Registry invites you to a virtual party to help them make September “Personal Planning Month” in B.C.! For the month of September, you can visit www.niduspersonalplanning.tumblr.com to view photos, stories and videos that show the rich history of personal planning in B.C.

Bring your own story…

The Nidus celebration is about sharing real life stories and experiences, and spreading the word about making and using Representation Agreements. The Representation Agreement Act was the first law in B.C. specifically designed for personal planning.

  • Did you make a Representation Agreement?
  • How did it help you?
  • Are you a representative or a monitor named in an Agreement?
  • What did you find remarkable about the process?
  • Do you have a message to share with others?

We would love to see photographs and/or videos of Agreements being signed and used. Did the Representation Agreement help make a difference in your life? Sometimes, simply making a Representation Agreement can have a real impact — by providing peace of mind!

Sharing your experience will encourage other individuals and families to make Representation Agreements. It can also support law reform efforts in other provinces and countries that look to B.C. as a model. Representation Agreements are unique in the world.

If you are interested in participating, please send your stories, photos and videos to info@nidus.ca.