University of British Columbia Research Study

Disability Alliance BC has received the following posting from Kimberly Bartfai, a Master of Social Work student at UBC:

Are you the mother of an adult child who has a significant developmental disability?
What is your perception of the quality of services your loved one is receiving?

I am a Master of Social Work student at the UBC’s School of Social Work. As part of my research class, I will be studying how mothers who have an adult child with a severe developmental disability perceive the quality of services their child is receiving. These services can be financial, recreational, educational or housing-related.

You are eligible to participate in the study if:
• Your child is over 19 years of age
• Your child has a severe developmental disability
• Your child is engaged in a day program, group home or home share situation
• You are in touch with service providers on a regular basis
• You speak fluent English
• Are willing to participate in one interview of maximum 2 hours, and a possible follow-up interview (1 hour maximum).

You will be offered $20 for participating in the study. Any identifying information you share with me will be kept confidential. This study is being supervised by Vaughan Marshall, instructor at UBC’s School of Social Work (email:

If you would like to participate please do not hesitate to contact Kimberly Bartfai by phone at 604-308-6043 or email