Update re: In-person appointments at DABC 

After much discussion and consideration of the risks associated with COVID-19 as well as the needs of clients who require in-person support, DABC’s office will re-open soon to some clients. We will be re-opening using a staggered approach to lessen risk and allow us to adjust to welcoming clients to a new space. This means that some programs will start welcoming clients in-person before other programs. 

The first program to start taking in-person appointments will be Tax AID DABC. Other programs will tentatively start welcoming clients later in the summer, dependent on COVID-19 transmission levels and guidance from the BC Centre for Disease Control.  

DABC will continue to offer remote appointments. Most of our staff will be offering both in-person and remote appointments going forward, in order to reduce the number of people in the office at any one time. This means that in-person appointments will be at certain times throughout the week depending on our staff schedule. Please expect that if you require an in-person appointment, there may be a longer wait time. 

Screening for cold or flu like symptoms will be carried out by our reception staff and advocates, and all health and safety measures will be posted online and in-person at our office. We have a communicable disease prevention plan in place to limit the spread of COVID-19. This involves detailed health and safety measures such as sanitization of surfaces, the use of air purifiers, physical distancing, and the requirement for all staff and volunteers to wear masks. Any clients booking an in-person appointment will also be expected to wear a mask at this time. If a client arrives at the DABC office, they will be provided with a mask to wear. 

Clients will not be forced to have an in-person appointment – it will be entirely optional. As we start to open up our office to the public, we may need to prioritize in-person appointments for those that need one. If a client is able to take a remote appointment, they should consider this an option. 

If any clients are sick, ie: experiencing cold/flu like symptoms, they should stay home; their appointment will be rescheduled to a later date. Clients can rest assured that all DABC staff and volunteers will stay home when they are sick as well. 

Clients will not be able to meet with advocates in-person unless they have booked an appointment – there will not be any walk-in appointments available. 

Thank you very much for your understanding and patience.