Vancouver Food Networks and Food Justice

Vancouver Food Networks and Food Justice

Across Vancouver, there are networks of committed people focusing on food justice and resilience at the neighbourhood level. The creation of these Neighbourhood Food Networks (NFN) represent the will of community members, organizations, and agencies to collaborate on food-based initiatives and programs. The Neighbourhood Food Network Working Group provides a space for NFN representatives from across the city to collaborate and act with a unified voice.

Disability Alliance BC considers these Food Networks to be vital to the health and well-being of people with disabilities in neighbourhoods across Vancouver. The NFNs provide opportunities for people with disabilities to get involved in food issues in their communities.

Here are the kinds of activities Community Food Networks are involved in:

  • Community and school gardens connect people around the rich experience of growing food and foster environmental stewardship.
  • Celebrations involving food meet physical, spiritual, social and emotional needs, while at the same time increase community awareness around food security and reduce social isolation.
  • Accessing food includes drop-in meals, bulk buying clubs, mobile produce markets, emergency food access, and more. NFNs acknowledge and work to break down barriers that prevent people from accessing nutrient-rich, affordable, and personally acceptable food.
  • NFNs share knowledge and resources around every level of our food systems. Education and engagement takes the form of workshops, lectures and films, advocacy, and research.

To check out the Neighbourhood Food Network in your community go to: