We Are BC project is looking for video submissions

BCCPD received the following notice from local film director and educator, Sarah Van Borek, who is working with SFU on a new project:

We Are BC is looking for video submissions (deadline extended to Sept. 2nd). I feel very strongly about the need to include a diversity of voices from people across the province who have disabilities or who work with people with disabilities – to help paint a picture of the various ways they are working and contributing to and/or are affected by B.C.’s economy.

I am a Vancouver-based film director and educator working with SFU Public Square to produce “WE ARE BC,” a crowdsourced, user-generated film by and for BC residents about how each of us affects and is affected by B.C.’s economy. Participating is simple and free. BC residents can submit a 30-second unedited video clip (taken with a smartphone, laptop, etc) that reflects one of the questions/themes outlined in our website’s “What To Film” and submit it online by AUGUST 15th. Contributors could star in the We Are BC film as “co-directors,” win a $500 Peoples’ Choice Award, and have their video showcased in a We Are BC legacy website.

The We Are BC film will be screened in a world premiere at The Orpheum Theatre on October 3, to kick-off a critical province-wide dialogue that explores the question: How do we chart BC’s economy to create wealth, promote equality and protect the environment? This event is part of a larger 2013 Community Summit on “Charting BC’s Economic Future” hosted by SFU Public Square.

Submission guidelines, FAQs, and more can be found online. For more information, please contact Sarah Van Borek by email at: wearebc@sfu.ca

For more information

Website: www.sfu.ca/wearebc
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