We want to hear from you!

Since DABC issued our statement about the Vaccine Passport (please read our statement here: https://disabilityalliancebc.org/dabcs-statement-on-the-bc-governments-lack-of-medical-exemptions-to-the-covid-19-vaccine-passport/) , we have participated in a series of media interviews to raise awareness about this issue. Despite all of this media awareness, we have not heard from the Ministry of Health or the BC Government regarding any changes to their initial decision to provide no medical exemption to the Vaccine Passport.

We have recently received a request by a news outlet to connect them with individuals who have tried to get vaccinated but cannot due to their medical condition. Let’s continue momentum on this issue by raising up the voices directly affected!

If you are a person who has tried to get vaccinated against COVID-19, but could not get approval from your doctor to do so, please reach out to us at advocacy@disabilityalliancebc.org. Similarly, if you received the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, had an allergic reaction, and then were advised by your doctor not to take the second shot, we also want to hear from you!