Participants needed for a research project with the Canadian Centre for Elder Law

BCCPD has received the following notice:

Opportunity to Participate

Are you interested in sharing your story about supported decision-making? The Canadian Centre for Elder Law is conducting research into supported decision-making. We believe that people who use representation agreements in their day-to-day lives have wisdom to share about supported decision-making. We are currently talking to people across BC who use or are affected by representation agreements, including:

• People with disabilities and other challenges who are using supportive decision-making to help them make their own decisions

• Designated supported decision-makers

• Family and friends who help people with representation agreements & decision-making

• People acting as monitors

We are hoping to learn more about how agreements are best used and how supports could be enhanced to make supported decision-making more accessible for different people with disabilities.

If you would like to be interviewed, have questions or would like to otherwise participate in this project, please contact Raissa Dickinson at:

People with disabilities who use supported decision-making to make their own decisions will be offered a $20 honorarium in appreciation of their time. Interviews will be approximately 20 minutes long. The deadline to register is September 16, 2013.

You can find out more about the Understanding the Lived Experience of Supported Decision-Making in Canada project at:

The Canadian Centre for Elder Law is a non-profit organization that conducts legal research, produces educational materials and proposes changes to the law to better serve people in Canada impacting by aging and mental capacity issues.